Silicon Hills Film Festival of Austin

Welcome to the prestigious Silicon Hills Film Festival of Austin, a cinematic celebration that transcends borders and embraces the art of storytelling through both short and feature films. Our festival proudly welcomes submissions from talented filmmakers hailing from all corners of the globe, united by a shared passion for the craft.
At Silicon Hills, we hold artistic excellence in the highest regard. Our selection process is guided by a meticulous assessment of each film's artistic merits. Texas, with its rich cinematic history and influence in the North American film landscape, serves as the perfect backdrop for our professional platform. We aim to create an ideal stage for both established and emerging filmmakers to showcase their work.
Our festival operates on a seasonal basis, ensuring that filmmakers receive swift feedback on their submissions. This streamlined structure allows creators to discover the outcomes of their efforts in a timely manner. The festival experience comprises both live and online components. Upon submission, all projects undergo rigorous evaluation by our esteemed panel of judges. Subsequently, the jury unveils the best-of-the-best, which includes films that will be showcased in live screenings and those selected for the online screening.
Silicon Hills Film Festival of Austin is not just an event; it's an immersive journey into the world of cinema, where creativity knows no boundaries. Join us in celebrating the art of filmmaking and the boundless talent it brings forth. Your cinematic masterpiece could be the next shining star at Silicon Hills.